To Financial Freedom: LEVERAGE


Warm Market Recruiting with Kevin James Brown

Kevin earns a full-time 6-figure income and has a downline of 100,000+ in Karatbars! Why fool with the rest when you can train with the best.

Click this link to begin. Let the video pop up. Scroll beneath the video and enter your information in the form so that Kevin can stay in touch with you. Then we can call him. Once you are in his system, then you will get his steps to success system emailed to you as well as any other important communications from corporate.

Your Web Links

Your roadmap link.
Once a person is ready to begin Karatbars, you give them this link so they know the whole process of starting, building and prospering in their business.
The Supreme Team Replicated Website.
This is the main page for our team. You are welcome to use what you wish. This page is designed to link a prospect to immediately important information as well as guide him towards other resources for deeper exploration. The default version of the page opens with a particular video. You can change to the official corporate video as the opener by using this link. Use this link to present Lyndon Farrington's video.
The Details page
Some people will have questions after reviewing the main presentation page. Simply direct them to this page for details. And read the pricing facts there thoroughly. It's good to read.
The Tools Page
various tools for you to use. The most important one is the tool to allow your team to register for their own set of replicated links.
Zimbabwe Currency Crash
Zimbabwe was the most undervalued currency in the world. It crashed in 2006. This page certainly has been effective in building our surging African market.
Ben's Superior Retirement Page
This is the page that drew me into Ben Alexander's Karatbars group. I was surfing a cashback advertising site and clicked on one of his banners and this was the page that opened up around February of 2013. There are a few subpages on this page that you may find of interest: (1) the Get 13 Kilos of Gold for Free page (2) the Don't count on paper money page and (3) the Cyprus: coming to a bank near you page.
Ben's Wealth Insurance
Ben is constantly reworking his pages. I think this recent one, done on September 2013, is quite useful. So it is now available to you.
Your corporate-supplied links
  • The main karatbars site
  • Your public-facing product shop
  • Your landing page
  • Your k-exchange page
  • Your Karatbars Academy link - Karatbars provides a free capture page and follow-up series of emails when you register as an affiliate. Simply visit the Karatbars Academy and activate your free page.
  • Voice and Text/SMS Broadcasting

    Your hands-free prospecting solution!

    Visit Your Cash Toolbox for details.

    This list of training videos starts with mental preparation and then moves on to nuts and bolts
    Jim Rohn
    Law of Sowing and Reaping
    Ryan Gunness
    How I came to the USA on a vacation, ended up enrolling in high school and moved from cutting hair to being an MLM superstar. Takeaway points: even calling numbers out of a phonebook and leaving a voicemail works as long as you persist.
    Mike Maloney
    Hidden Secrets of Money
    Eric Worre
    Re-programming Your Mind For Success In MLM - NMPRO #963
    Robert Kiyosaki
    Financial IQ and CASHFLOW Quadrant
    Dr. Pillai
    Shreem Brzee is the ultimate wealth building workshop. Listen to Dr. Pillai explain. Do this mantra morning and night
    Anonymous Artist
    How do I get paid here at Karatbars? . This video is VERY important. It is this video which will introduce you to the one of the most powerful forces on this earth - the power of leverage. Leverage is how you can lift 1 ton objects by yourself. Don't believe it - SEE IT. Leverage can be used in anything. In the karatbars training video above, he shows how leveraging a SINGLE PENNY can create over a million dollars in 28 days. Do not take this video lightly. It introduces a COMPLETELY different way of thinking. Most people have been trained to earn income based ONLY on their own efforts. We even have a name for it - the Puritan work ethic. If you watch this video enough times, you will de-program yourself from the Puritan work ethic way of thinking and eventually be more interested in finding some form of leverage to create income. The karatbars pay plan is a case of leverage and this video shows you exactly how much you can earn in what time frame with smart work NOT hard work. Yes, it may be hard to locate people with the right mindset. But ask yourself where you want be 12 weeks, 12 months or even 12 years from now: still trading hours for dollars or having ever-increasing unlimited income from having found and trained the right 2 people one time 12 weeks, 12 months or even 12 years ago. The mighty oak is just an acorn that stood its ground. That gigantic tree with branches and sub-branches and sub-branches and sub-branches, stretching hundreds of feet into the sky is just an acorn that stood its ground. YOU can plant one seed with just the right 2 people and build an organization of thousands in a VERY short time, no excuses.
    Live Training
    Visit Synergy Gold Group and click on Live Webinars
    Goals of training
    After watching these videos, you should be properly trained:
    1. Because you watched Kiyosaki's cashflow quadrant video, you know that your goal is to create passive income on the B/I side by forming a big business of over 500 people
    2. You will know how to build a big business of over 500 people. You will know it is not by finding a lot of people. You will know it is by finding the RIGHT two people and LEVERAGE! You know this because you looked at the "how do I get paid here at Karatbars" video and learned about the power of a penny doubled.
    3. You will be able to communicate with a prospect to see if he is ready, willing and able to be one of your team players. Because you watched the Law of Sowing and Reaping, you know just what the results of sowing the good seed we have in Karatbars will be. (hint: many will hear, few will follow).
    4. You will have the correct placement setting for your dual system because you know what power legs and profit legs are and have a plan worked out together with your sponsor on how you will build your organization.

    Mentoring for Free

    Mentoring for free has been around for over a decade. They have helped thousands of people grow from knowing nothing about networking to building massive downlines. And all at no cost. Roger Boisjoli is an excellent experienced guide who I had the pleasure of working with.
    If you want to acquire leads for free and know how to turn them into affiliates in your organization, he has all the tools to help.


    Active Duplication

    So far, we've been collecting the nuts of bolts to build our engine. Now it's time for some active duplication to set the engine into perpetual motion. Here are your final action steps for success through duplication:

    1. Set your placement in your back office. By now you should know how and why to do this.
    2. Find your 2 team players. Use the getting started guide and the associated success tracker daily and FOCUS: Follow One Course Until Successful.
    3. Make sure your 2 team players are well-trained and have the same vision as you do.
    4. Let your 2 or 3 upgraded team players take over from this same process starting with one link, your roadmap link, to build a $4500/week income

    More on finding your 2 team players

    Now, we will go into detail on finding your 2 team players. It's called the recruiting process and here are the steps:
    Prospecting is the act of deciding who you want to introduce Karatbars to. There are a wide variety of ways to prospect.
    Invitation is contacting the prospect about your opportunity. We have plenty of training on both prospecting and invitation. An effective approach to invitation is shown at 22 minutes into this video.
    Since a picture is worth 1,000 words, the presentation lets the prospect form his own opinion about this opportunity. The exact presentation you use depends on the type of prospect you have. Heck, if you are up to it, you can give a presentation right over the phone with these slides.
    After the presentation is finished, you want to followup. We have weekly trainings on this process as well. A number of common questions about Karatbars are addressed on your details page.
    The complete sign-up process for your prospect is available on your roadmap page. The prospect simply needs to follow the roadmap's sign-up steps.
    The roadmap has a training step which leads to this page. Now the process is complete and your 2 team players will take over from there.

    The path to success with Terrence Brannon is simply:

    1. The practical sign-up steps
    2. The mental training steps
    3. The active duplication steps.
    4. The kick back and let the bread roll in step. I hope you can handle this one.

    Showing the plan to 1200 people means that 1200 people looked at your business presentation. If you invite people to look, maybe 1 in 10 will actually look. That means you need be prepared to INVITE 12,000 people to look at a presentation for 1200 to actually look and for you to follow that template to success.

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